Financial Services Consultant
B. Business
Joined AIA in 2018
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Graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Fund Management and Administration in 2017, Mei Ni’s stint in a Personal Financial Planning module at school has allowed her to discover more about insurance and financial products, all of which led her to develop an interest in the industry. Moreover, her studies in finance modules further boosted her passion that she is certain of pursuing. Currently an undergraduate at NUS Business School since August 2017, she is looking to take a Finance specialization to widen her knowledge in the field, which would be useful and related to her potential future career.

Despite her family’s initial skepticism about joining the insurance industry for the internship, Mei Ni is determined to spend her summer break meaningfully as she was not given holistic learning opportunities in her previous contractual jobs. She finally chanced upon the opportunity to join Win Advisors, in which she decided to undertake with an open mind, broaden her insights about the industry, and discover any newly hidden passions. This internship has given her the valuable chance to be exposed to various financial products and the operations within the industry while receiving enjoyable training from her mentors.

From hearing the directors’ retelling of experiences at work and their overall careers so far, Mei Ni could feel their great passion towards the mission that their jobs advocate. This further empowered her to work harder through their success stories and do her best to fully enjoy the valuable experience of her internship; as she learns about the journey to becoming a Financial Service Consultant and making a positive impact on the lives of others.