Financial Services Consultant
Joined AIA in 2018
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Anthony is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the National University of Singapore. He intends to major in Finance and Business Analytics. Anthony picked up an interest in finance during his National Service days. He attended courses on investing and trading during his free time and has traded successfully in stocks and REITs. He even advised his army mates on account opening procedures as well as research methods. Anthony recognizes that although investing and trading is not for everyone, all of us need proper financial planning to safeguard our financial future and that of our dependents. That was why, when given the opportunity to join Win Advisors, one of the top districts in AIA, Anthony wasted no time in signing up.

Although he juggles both work and school commitments, Anthony manages to serve his clients well while maintaining good grades. He is committed to serving his client’s protection and saving needs at all, points of their lives. Anthony lives by the mantra, “You reap what you sow”. An individual who plans adequately early in life would reap the benefits later in life.