Financial Services Consultant
Joined AIA in 2017
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YuChuan’s career as an FSC began as soon as he hit the age of 21. He was introduced to his mentor, Winnie, by his mother, who saw huge potential in him and firmly believed that he will succeed in a career of being an FSC. As such, he began his journey in WinAdvisors during the 2017 VEIN programme and has never looked back since. YuChuan’s interest in personal finance and entrepreneurship aligned perfectly with what this career has to offer. “Be rewarded for the results you’ve accomplished, and not by the hours you spend.”

Coming from a single-parent family, he has witnessed the hard work put in and challenges his mother faced to keep the family going, and hence he understands the importance of financial planning to preserve and expand the hard-earned wealth for the family.

As an optimistic and cheerful individual, YuChuan always brings a smile to his client and peers. He lives by his personal principle of “Bringing value to the world” and promises to deliver the best to his clients and the people around him.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.”