Financial Services Consultant
DIP. IBT.Joined AIA in 2014
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Alfonso embarked on his career at a tender age of 21 with a goal to make a difference in the lives of people around him.

After Alfonso attained his Diploma in Engineering at Temasek Polytechnic, he realised that his interest lies in the finance industry. He was introduced to this career through an internship opportunity. He had always aspired to be an entrepreneur. At the first meeting with his director and mentor, Winnie, he recognized that this was the golden opportunity for him to pursue his career as an entrepreneur.

Alfonso is presently undergoing a graduate course in SIM UOL, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Although it is challenging having to juggle his studies with work, Alfonso is grateful to have discovered a career which encompasses his interest and yet is relevant to the course he is presently studying. Moreover, the career allows him to interact with people from all walks of life, therefore helping him gain confidence in people skills.

Growing up in a family where there is little or almost no awareness about financial planning, Alfonso could relate to the importance of delivering the “Right dose of medication” to his family and his clients.

Alfonso strongly believes in his alma mater – Montfort Secondary School’s Motto, “agis quod agis,” which translates to, “Do what you do well, pay attention to what you are doing.” As long as he has the right working attitude, Alfonso believes he can excel in everything he does.