Financial Services Consultant

Joined AIA in 2017
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Brian is currently pursuing a degree at the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he majors in Communications and New Media. His exposure to the financial services industry began when he took a leap of faith and decided to explore an internship opportunity.

Through the Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN) Program at Win Advisors, Brian met numerous inspiring role models who were driven and committed to helping others. He understood the importance of financial planning and realized that he is also capable of making a positive influence on the lives of others. Today, Brian strives to ensure that every one of his clients receives the due care and diligence they deserve.

One of the main things which Brian believes in is to ‘Treat others how you would want to be treated’. With that, he aims to ensure accountability and responsibility for the services he provides, as well as being there for his clients through rain or shine. Brian recognizes the importance of planning ahead. He is prepared to grow and work alongside his clients in this lifelong process of financial planning.