Financial Services Consultant
B. Business
Joined AIA in 2018
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Chermayne, a graduate of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), majoring in Business Management, embarked on her journey as a full-time Financial Service Consultant at a tender age of 22. Having dabbled in the world of fashion since her undergrad days, she decided that it was time to find a job that was more sustainable and fulfilling in the long run, one that she could retire in.

Job satisfaction and the fact that her work would extend beyond what was skin-deep were key highlights that brought her to AIA. Being a family-oriented lady, she envisions herself to provide the best for her family. Therefore, this career permits her to possess the knowledge to ensure that her family is well-protected against the unpredictable nature of the future. Additionally, she can impart and utilize the knowledge she has gained to help her friends and clients to achieve their desired financial goals to prepare them for the future, loaded with obscure events.

Undeniably, she is an asset to her family and friends as she was able to rally the support of her loved ones to see them growing financially healthy. As a people-oriented nature, Chermayne sincerity towards people has always been her anchor throughout the years. She believes in striving for the best of her capability to provide honest financial advice for people who require them and putting their interest at heart. As a young Financial Service Consultant, she has a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve in this industry with her belief that you reap what you sow and every successful individual should have a heart of compassion. While Chermayne embarked in this career, she does not regard herself as an advisor that simple. Instead, she perceived herself as a financial doctor who
enlightens individuals about the underlying complexity in the beauty of finance. In life, every milestone each achieves would propel individual towards identifying greater vision which unfolds the direction one should head. At the
same time, actions and the decisions ought to be revolving around their goals.

If a goal is without a plan, it’s just a wish and vision without execution is a delusion. Therefore, Chermayne believes that life’s fulfillment comes from self-enhancement while bringing significant impact in other people’s lives.