Financial Services Consultant
B. Sc.
Joined AIA in 2013
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Holding the belief “bless others and be blessed in return”, Christina embarked on her career at a tender age of 22 with the goal of adding value to the lives of others.

Having started off as an intern under her director and mentor whom she was introduced to by her brother, she did not have much expectations of what was ahead of her. However, as they say, surprises happen when you least expect them. She fell in love with this career. Through the interactions and observations of what her director-mentor and other consultants are involved in, she witnessed their enthusiasm and fiery passion in adding value to the lives of others. It deeply inspired her to do the same.

Seeing great purpose in the career, Christina is keen on pursuing this career alongside with her studies. As an undergraduate from Singapore Institute of Management, University of London, majoring in Banking and Finance, she is delighted to have found a career which encompasses both her interest and knowledge. She has been taught by her alma matar – Singapore Chinese Girls’ School to live by this philosophy; embrace the wholeness of our JinYu philosophy, to grow into women who make our mark in society as exemplary and responsible citizens. The Chinese metaphor “JinYu” refers to ladies who are the treasures of their family because they embody the virtues of filial piety, gentility, kindness, propriety and diligence, she grew up living by this philosophy which moulded her into the person she is today. Furthermore, she will strive to incorporate this philosophy into her career to always place others before herself.


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“Thank you for sharing your love and concern, and for introducing me to AIA! Keep up the good work. I appreciate your sincere and attentive service as an agent and a friend.”

– Yanning Choo, Sales and Marketing

“Thanks for getting me started on my insurance plan! It’s very assuring to know that my immediate family will be able to lessen their burden if anything were to happen to me. Thanks for being so patient and detailed when explaining the policy details! I look forward to an enjoyable long-term relationship with you, my dedicated agent!”

– Leanne Tan, Event Planner

“Christina has proven to be an adept financial consultant in exemplifying patience and diligence in the time taken to thoroughly review and reiterate details of the policies in meeting my needs and going the extra mile to ensure that I am kept in the loop of changes.”

– May Fong, Reinsurance Claims Admin