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Joined AIA in 2016
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Duke started his career as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) at the age of 21. Then, his Freshman Term at SMU Business School began in August 2016.

Duke has always held the belief that personal financing and future planning are essential qualities to achieving financial stability and success in life. This belief stemmed from his family’s current financial situation, which was borne from poor decisions and financial planning in the past. Throughout the years, he has been actively participating in finance and entrepreneur symposiums to achieve said qualities.

On February 2016, Duke received a call from Win Advisors regarding a career as an FSC. Throughout the call, Duke realized that this fulfilled what he was looking for in a career. Being an FSC provided him an opportunity to combine Finance and Entrepreneurship together; both of which he viewed with upmost importance. Secondly, the skills and knowledge that he would acquire as an FSC would allow him to improve his family’s financial situation.

The motto of Duke’s Alma Mater, Victoria Junior College, reads “Nil Sine Labore”, a Latin Expression which translates to “Nothing Without Labour”. Duke applies this motto to everything he does, using it to motivate himself as he strives to achieve his goals. It is his firm belief that dreams can only become a reality with whole-hearted effort and unwavering determination.

As an optimistic and cheerful individual, Duke’s dedication to performing his best for all his clients and peers is admirable and worthy of praise. While many other his age is still uncertain of their future, Duke’s drive and willingness to spare no efforts in his single-minded determination to achieve his goals. Furthermore, he promises to provide his best not only to his clients but also his peers.

As a NBA fanatic, he would also like to share a closing quote with everyone:

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”
– Kevin Durant



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