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Dylon set out on his career as an FSC soon after he turned 21. The SMU undergraduate is fuelled with determination and passion to make a difference in lives of people around him. Despite the rigorous activities in his freshman year, he was able to complete various licensing papers in a short span of 3 months. His ability to multi-task should not be underestimated.

Dylon has always been interested in the field of finance and dreamt to be an entrepreneur. He is a person who believes that success is attributed to hard work. It is because of this belief that he never conceived the idea to work as an employee as more often than not, the effort put in does not pay off. Soon after he left the army, he was offered a scholarship by his mentor, Winnie and he knew then that that was an opportunity for him to pursue his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He was however, skeptical about this career path, but a story of his colleague helping a mother whose husband had just passed away enlightened Dylon on the true meaning behind this career – it has the ability to change the lives of many.

In the following months after being offered, he was working as a printer promoter. It was that simple part-time job; that he discovered his passion to serve. Unlike other promoters, he did not prioritize earning, but would rather advise his clients on printers that best suited their needs. It was often because of his sincerity that his clients bought the printers from him. Having been through a few months in the sales line, he realized that this career path may have been what he was always looking for. This career would allow him to serve and make a difference in peoples’ lives while also enabling him to pursue his entrepreneurial dream – as such, he took up the offer.

Growing up in a family where his parents are divorced and both his father and mother experienced financial ups and downs, Dylon understood the need for financial planning and to prepare for rainy days. The experiences he faced throughout his life placed a huge role in his belief in financial planning.

Being passionate and excited, Dylon is dedicated to put in his best for every client that he would serve. As financial planning is a lifelong process, he is committed to accompany his clients through the process of it. Having embarked onto his career, the motto of his junior college – Discere Servire, “To Learn, To Serve” – holds more dearly to him than ever.



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“Thank you for the wonderful consultation for all these times.”

– Jia Min and Natalie, Students

“Thank you for sharing all the different plans & policies with me! You’re a very warm & sincere person. And I hope that you will see success!”

– Valerie, Student