Financial Services Associate Director

B. B.A.
Joined AIA in 2013
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Kevin’s career as a FSC began barely two weeks after turning 21. Although at such a tender age, Kevin’s professionalism and ability are not to be doubted. He has attained the coveted Associate Financial Planner (AFPCM) designation over and above the multiple licensing papers he had to sit for – all these while serving his National Service prior to turning 21 years old. Kevin received his education in three of the top institutions in Singapore – Hwa Chong Institution (2005-2006), Victoria School (2007-2008), and Raffles Institution (2009-2010), where he was also a long distance runner that was well respected by many of his peers. He is currently an undergraduate at NUS Business School since August 2013. In his maiden year with AIA, Kevin came out as the top varsity consultant in the district.

Kevin’s venture into this career began through a purely incidental encounter. For a long time, he has always been interested in the field of finance. In addition, he always has an entrepreneurial flair as he never believed in working as an employee. Kevin knows that he needs a great deal of control over his own life and he can never accept someone else dictating his working hours, mealtime and salary. It was under an unusual circumstance that he got to know his director and mentor, Winnie, through a close friend of his.

Initially, he was rather skeptical about this career. It was only after reading more into it that he came to feel that there is no other career as purposeful as this. It was through witnessing first hand of the suffering a family would go through without proper financial planning that sparked a desire for him to create a change, for the better, in the lives of as many people as he possibly can. Furthermore, this career encompasses both finance and entrepreneurship and Kevin felt that he could not have stumbled upon a greater love than this.

The one motto which Kevin holds dearly to was taught to him by his alma mater – Victoria School. This motto reads, ‘Nil Sine Labore’, which is a Latin expression that means, “Nothing Without Labour”. Indeed, it was by living this motto every day of his life that brought him the little successes he has achieved till today. Kevin strongly believes that intelligent hard work, when coupled with a desire to create value for others, are the key drivers to one’s success. To him, the key elements to success can be summed up in three words – Dream, Plan and Effort. When you have a dream in your mind, a plan to get there, and the willingness to put in the effort, it will not be a matter of whether you will achieve your dream, but a matter of when!

Being passionate about this career, Kevin is dedicated to performing his best for each and every one of his client. He understands that personal financial planning is a lifelong process and is unique to each individual. Being a people-oriented person, he is committed to working closely with his clients to build a future of excellence together.


S/No Achievements Qualification Years Count
1 CAREER AGENT BENEFIT 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 4
2 CENTURION 2017 1
6 SUMMIT CLUB 2016 1



“Kevin is a friend whom I have met before he became my financial consultant. He is earnest and has been able to provide valuable financial advice. Not only that, he is willing to provide opportunities for friends around him. With that, I continue to believe in him not just as my financial consultant but also as a great friend.”

– Tan Xiu Quan, NUS Undergraduate

“Kevin is a highly trustworthy financial consultant who has become a close friend. He has a special talent for making people feel at ease and he takes care to explain in detail the various policies to me. I can trust him to stay on top of my financial plan and to give me candid advice on how to improve my coverage. A highly recommended financial consultant!”

– Lee Pei Xuan, NUS Undergraduate

“Kevin is a hardworking advisor and balances his work and leisure time very well. What sets him apart from his peers is his dedication to ensure that his clients receive the best and most suitable policies. Despite his busy schedule, Kevin is always willing to go the extra mile and puts his clients first. Thanks for your passion and professionalism Kevin!”

– Glenn Seah, SAF Regular Officer

“A good friend, advisor, and diligent worker. He answers your queries promptly thus leaving you with the peace of mind. This is because efficiency is really essential for busy people like me. I have given him my trust, so can you!”

– Phyo Wai Soe, SAF Regular Officer

“It is great to know that a young man with a big heart and commitment is taking care of my policies. Keep up with the good work!! Looking forward to many good years with AIA and Win Advisors, and also to all the events for the clients. Cheers!”

– Adrian Yap, General Manager, Oil & Gas industry