Financial Services Consultant
DIP.BUS.Joined AIA in 2015
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Leonard embarked on a career with Win Advisors as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) representing AIA Singapore, in May 2015. It began with an internship, while concurrently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the National University of Singapore. Leonard was introduced to this career by a University friend, Kevin Goh, an FSC from Win Advisors.

From a very early age, Leonard has been fond of volunteer work and the field of finance. As the Head of Marketing for his Diploma Course’s Student Leader Group, he had the opportunity to coordinate financial resources to push for several community projects. It was an eye-opening experience for him. Many of us live a privileged life but how much do we know of the underprivileged? This resulted in Leonard learning an important lesson in cherishing what you have and living life to the fullest.

A turning point in Leonard’s life was when he made a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for an overseas community project. He met the owner of a sanctuary for elephants, whose tragic tale reflected the strength of the human condition. Her perseverance through struggle despite her financial troubles led her to achieve her dreams. Leonard realized that simply learning the value of the dollar was not enough. If he wanted to improve his life, he should not leave it to chance – it was in his hands to change it. Leonard has thus set out to prove that with drive and motivation, one can achieve his dreams and goals through proper financial planning.