Financial Services Consultant

Joined AIA in 2016
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Lyndon is an undergraduate from Singapore Management University (SMU) who is pursuing a specialization in finance. Being a very active individual, Lyndon takes joy in interacting and learning about people through their stories and finds that the insurance business provides him with opportunities to do just that. In addition, having benefited from insurance himself, he is a firm believer of prudent financial planning and hopes that the friends he is reaching out to will be able to find value in it as well.

His solo travels have led to the self-discovery of his love for interacting with people and listening to their stories, which are opportunities this career provides. Lyndon is strongly for the idea of being rewarded in proportion to the handwork he puts into his work as well as not being deskbound during office hours.

Lyndon lives by the quote: “Always be stronger than your strongest excuse.”
He understands that being a competent and dedicated Financial Services Consultant to his clients demands a great commitment, but the satisfaction of helping his friends to see the value of financial planning makes it all worthwhile.

Being a people-oriented person, Lyndon highly values his relationships with his client. Furthermore, this career allows his clients and him to watch one another grow physically and financially, which he holds very dear.