Lim Yong Xin

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Financial Services Consultant
Joined AIA in 2016
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Yong Xin was an undergraduate student enrolled in National University of Singapore, pursuing a degree in Business Administration. The opportunity to venture into this industry presented itself to Yong Xin at an orientation camp in NUS Business School, where a leader, Kevin Goh, introduced her to the career.

Yong Xin was initially skeptical about joining the industry and faced discouragements from family and friends. However, after dedicating time to understand the career better, she acknowledged and recognized that there are very few careers that are as meaningful as this.

In addition, she dislikes the idea of spending long hours behind a desk every day and does not envision herself being an employee. This also explains her interest in entrepreneurship. Therefore, she decided to join this people-oriented career that allows her to impact people’s lives positively as well as to work for herself.

Yong Xin received her education at top education institutions in Singapore, Nanyang Girls High (NYGH) School (2007-2011) and Raffles Institution (2012-2013). Her work attitude has thus been shaped by the environment provided by these institutions; she possesses determination, drive and believes in giving her best in everything that she does. She also strongly believes in the values carried by NYGH’s motto: “勤慎端朴”, which means ‘diligence’ – persevering in the pursuit of excellence, ‘prudence’ – exercising good judgment at all times, ‘respectability’ – carrying herself with integrity and dignity and lastly, ‘simplicity’ – being sincere and humble.

With the understanding that financial planning is a personalised and life long process, Yong Xin is committed to providing her best service for all of her clients. She hopes to work closely with them and uphold the values she believes in throughout her career.