Financial Services Consultant
Joined AIA in 2018
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Raymond is currently a final year student in the National University of Singapore where he majors in Mechanical Engineering. However, through his years of coaching Badminton and giving tuition part-time, he realized his passion lies in guiding and enriching others. Also, being brought up in a single parent family with three other siblings, he understands the importance and the impact a good financial planning has on the sustainability of a family. Hence, with an open-mind, Raymond grabbed the opportunity when he chanced upon an opening to be part of the Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN) Programme.

Through the programme, Raymond found many like-minded leaders and people who are also driven and passionate about enriching and helping others. With a structured mentoring system, he starts to see how he is able to not just improve his financial status, but also impact other people’s lives through proper financial planning. He is committed to help and provide services to his clients with full diligence and enthusiasm (or passion/mission).

Understanding the importance that financial security needs to be planned early, Raymond is determined to render assistance and services to others in accordance to their most current financial status, to build with them a future with financial assurance.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett