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Joined AIA in 2015
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Reuben is currently a first-year undergraduate in the National University of Singapore’s Business School, where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Prior to that, he was a Transport Leader in the army, where he managed the administrative operations as well as part of the executing team for many events and exercises. Reuben attended top institutions in Singapore in his course of study, Victoria School (2008-2010) as well as Victoria Junior College (2010-2011). Having achieved academic excellence throughout his years in school, he brings the same determination and drive to pursue this meaningful career.

His venture into this industry can be attributed to being in the right place at the right time. While attending an orientation camp in school, his leader introduced him to this career. Having always been one to stray away from the conformities of a desk job, Reuben leaped at the chance of something different, where he could start making a difference for others, while still pursuing his degree. Aligned with his ambition to do something himself, the career provided him with an excellent opportunity, where he could work for himself.

Reuben has always believed in pursuing a career that he has a passion and flair for, this is because with passion, comes the level of dedication and determination needed to succeed at the highest level. He feels that both his peers and colleagues deserve his best where he will be extremely dedicated towards them, as they are the keystones in his pillar of success.

As personal financial planning is an extremely intimate process, Reuben has always been genuinely caring for others. This is because before they became his clients, they were first and foremost, his friends.




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