Financial Services Consultant
B. Sc.Joined AIA in 2016
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Sharon has accumulated more than 10 years of sales experience from consumer retail to corporate sales since her graduation. Although she graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Degree with Merits in NUS, she knew that working in a laboratory was not what she envisioned as she wanted a career opportunity which can interact with new people every day. Sharon has never regretted working in the sales profession as she gains immense satisfaction whenever her clients are grateful for her solutions and most of them eventually become her long-term friends.

When it comes to insurance, Sharon has always recognized the importance of good financial planning and professional advice. Due to her busy work schedule in the early working years, she engaged a Financial Advisory Firm who understood her protection requirements and purchased a few policies within her budget. Her advisor’s competence and sincerity to help people with financial needs inspired Sharon to consider a career switch in the financial services industry. When Sharon spoke with many elderly who did not have any insurance coverage at an early age and now have to worry about hefty hospital bills, it prompted her to take the action to become an insurance agent so that she can protect her family and her clients.

Sharon is a firm believer in continuing education. She has attended many courses in relationships healing, emotional and psychological wellness under Growth Vision Singapore. Through the community, Sharon has taught and donated several of her works during charity art jamming events and hopes to inspire many to express themselves through painting.