Financial Services Consultant

M.C.M., C-DAC, B.Com

Joined AIA in 2016
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Upon completion of her education, Shipra pursued her career in the Information Technology (IT) Industry, where she accumulated more than 11 years of experience. It provided her with valuable experience working in various roles, from the IT Industry to various Financial sectors. Furthermore, Shipra had the opportunity to lead and execute many team projects as a senior in the industry.

Through it all, Shipra had always been very appreciative of Insurance Companies, knowing that they exist to cover for all odd times. Until a chance meeting with the Senior Director of Win Advisors, Winnie, and at the very first meeting, Shipra realised that she wanted to pursue a career in the Financial Services industry.

Shipra believes that learning is continuous, even at different junctures of life. Furthermore, Insurance is so closely knit to real-life moments and it motivated her to pick up the necessary skills and build up her knowledge on Insurance. It has been a positive career switch for her.

Ultimately, Shipra’s compassionate personality complements this career and allows her to be understanding towards her clients’ views.