Financial Services Consultant
B. Sc.Joined AIA in 2016
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Shirley embarked on a journey as a Financial Services Consultant by bringing along her experience as a sales support executive from the shipping industry, as well as, her dedication to this career and a commitment to her clients.

As a mother of two, she strongly believes that financial planning and sufficient insurance coverage is a necessary requirement, and it is imperative to start from young to fully gain the maximum benefits from it. This is her belief, and this is what she has done, for both herself and her children.

It was purely incidental when she got her first Life Insurance with AIA, through her friends. Then, decisions required for comprehensive financial planning was by no means an easy task for her. However, through sound advice and proper recommendation by her Financial Services Consultant, who was also her personal friend, Shirley managed to ensure that her children’s insurance needs are sufficiently covered and their financial future is adequately secured.

Through her experience of planning for her family’s financial needs, it dawned on her that financial planning is a life-long commitment and it should not be embarked upon without proper consultation. Having benefited from her friend, it motivated Shirley to commit to sharing this knowledge and hope to help more people who, like her, has benefitted tremendously with sound advice. Coupled with this belief and her interest in working with people, she is confident that it is her passion to pursue a career in the financial services industry.

“Most people don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan”
– John L. Beckley