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Financial Health Check PractitionerJoined AIA in 2005
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After 10 years in the business, Timothy has established more than 120 intimate client relationships. While working exclusively with High Net Worth individuals (HNW) and their families, Timothy is often entrusted with client referrals, which comprises of his close friends to Business Owners, CEOs, as well as professionals such as doctors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and engineers etc.

Timothy creates financial programs to help enhance the lifestyles of his clients’ families, should they stop work early or retire.

Timothy had attained the title of Certified Financial Planning professional (CFP) in both Singapore and Malaysia, and he became the Chairman of Certificate Board, of Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) in 2011. From 2012 to 2014, he was nominated as a member of Global Workgroup in Financial Planning Standard Board (FPAS) of USA. Timothy is the youngest representative on the Board.

Since then, Timothy has been invited to speak at various Financial P

As a veteran financial services consultant with AIA, Timothy’s expertise is in the area of Risk Management, Retirement and Estate Planning. He is currently a member of the prestigious AIA Million Dollar Cluband the author of a financial planning course book “Risk Management and Insurance Planning”.lanning Conferences held at Mumbai and Dubai, where he discussed the Worldwide Financial Planning Standards with delegates from other countries such as UK, Australia, China, and the USA. Timothy’s views on asset classes and portfolio risk management were featured in the June 2014 Singapore’s Channel News Asia’s TV program, “Money Mind”. He has also given numerous lectures at local universities such as NUS, NTU, and UniSIM, to share his experiences in the financial services industry.

Timothy and his wife now live and travel between two exciting cities – Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. They are currently providing wealth management and insurance services for families residing in these two countries. Timothy enjoys public speaking, reading and playing badminton during his free time. He is also a firm believer of this important philosophy: “Whoever is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much”



S/No Achievements Qualification Years Count
1 CAREER AGENT BENEFIT 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 8
2 MDC 2007, 2008 2
3 MDC GOLD 2014 1
4 MDC SILVER 2012, 2013 2
6 SHINING STAR 2009, 2011 2



“I knew Tim through a colleague. He became my advisor because of his knowledge and professionalism. I give a rating of 9 out of 10 for my experience with him, because he’s devoted to his service and is a dynamic person. Yes, I have also recommended friends to him.”

– Perry Lau, Doctor

“My wife is Timothy’s cousin, and that makes me his cousin-in-law! Timothy has recommended me to spread my investment monies into different funds, for diversification purposes. He is a fine person, passionate in what he does. He has the potential to grow!”

– William Khoong, Senior Project Engineer

“Timothy is a trustworthy Financial Services Consultant. Because of this, I have recommended many of my banking friends to him.”

– Gideon Wu, Banker (Foreign)

“Thank you for all your great service for my family, ever since my first born to my fourth child! All the best for your business!”

– Peter Phang Jyh Siong, CEO, Automobile Manufacturer and Coach