Financial Services Consultant
B. B.IRM.Joined AIA in 2017
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Having worked as a service professional in the food and beverage industry for close to six years, Vivien has always been driven by the passion and energy that emits from providing genuine hospitality to her guests. She believes that there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the happy smiles on her customers’ faces. It feels extremely rewarding knowing she has made a difference in somebody else’s life.

As Vivien turns the page onto the next chapter of her life, she made a decision to venture into a different line of service. She needed something that would allow her to meet different individuals and impact their lives – all while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. After a period of searching, Vivien has set her heart on financial services as it is a great opportunity, too good to be missed.

Having realized the importance of adequate financial planning herself, Vivien aims to raise awareness of having sufficient financial planning among those around her, protecting the different individuals and families from the burden of financial inadequacy. Thriving on the success and happiness of others, Vivien hopes to create a meaningful and lasting positive impact on the lives of her clients through uncovering their needs and providing genuine sound advice, thereby leading them into financial freedom.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Gandhi