Financial Services Consultant

Joined AIA in 2016
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Having pursued Life Sciences in polytechnic and university, Zheng Wei did not envision himself to be working in the science industry and to be occupied in a lab doing repetitive lab tests daily. He wanted more than what a corporate job could offer. He wanted a more fulfilling and holistic career whereby he would be able to serve others and to be a blessing to them.

Zheng Wei was first introduced to the Finance industry by working as a part-time personal assistant for a Senior Financial Services Consultant. It was there and then that he got to experience first-hand of the responsibilities and roles of a Financial Services Consultant and it sparked in him an undying curiosity and interest in Finance. Due to this curiosity, he began to read more into it and witnessed how proper financial planning would be able to help others and to prepare them for the future. He realized that this career has a purpose, and that is to be able to value-add other peoples’ lives.

The one core value that Zheng Wei upholds is integrity and honesty. As the quote by Edwin Louis Cole states, “Integrity is the cornerstone of character. Honesty is the core of integrity.” He strongly believes that having integrity and honesty is one of the essential values in life. To him, the key elements of life can be summed up in three words – Strength, Decisiveness, and Consistency. Every individual has their own battles to fight and their wars to win. Though it may not be a victory each time, it is in that defining moment that the individual learns, and to decide his next course of action with his strength, and most importantly, to stay consistent with his values throughout so that he can produce a good harvest!

Zheng Wei is determined to succeed and hopes to make a positive impact on the people’s lives that he had helped. He strives to provide his best services to every people he meets and to be the best consultant to them.