• SP-Win was founded


  • Start of Winning Formula: Pre-Contract Training Program for Potential Advisors


  • Introduction of Journal Team
  • Introduction of Activity Management through the 20-Point Card
  • Launch of Activity Club
  • SP-Win promoted to District


  • Birth of Vision Statement
  • Introduction of Roll of Honor Recognition for High Activity Advisors
  • Introduction of Sales Builder Study Group


  • Introduction of Star Club Recognition for Million Dollar Club Achievers & above


  • First Star Club Dinner at Caribbean @ Keppel Bay
  • Introduction of Project Interdependence
  • Launch of Client Newsletter – The Winning Edge


  • AIA recognized SP-WIN as a pioneering agency for E-Submissions under interactive Financial Health Check (iFHC)
  • Launch of Win Advisors’ Logo, Letterhead and Season’s Greetings Card
  • Launch of Win Advisors’ Website and Blog
  • SP-Win assumes new Corporate Identity – Win Advisors


  • Introduction of “Cash Flow Game” into Winning Formula
  • Launch of Internal Newsletter – The Leading Edge
  • Launch of Consultant Administration Support Hub (CASH)
  • Win Advisors’ first Charity Outreach “Care & Share” Day


  • Launch of Internship Program for NUS/NTU Undergrads
  • Launch of Club Affluwins Gifting System


  • Launch of Win Advisors’ Orientation Handbook


  • Launch of Eagles Project
  • Launch of New Advisors’ Orientation Program
  • Launch of Pride Training for Aspiring Managers
  • Launch of Win Advisors Facebook Fan Page
  • Start of Annual Family First! Movie Event


  • Began a structured 12-week MAP Training for all new Consultants
  • Launch of Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN) Program
  • Launch of Varsity Entrepreneur Scholarship (VES) Program


  • Conversion of 20-point System from Manual to Online
  • Launch of Win Advisors YouTube Channel
  • Usage of Google Drive to facilitate file sharing amongst Team Members


  • Adoption of Google Calendar as platform for FSCs’ activities coaching
  • Introduction of Monthly Fitness Event
  • Introduction of Compulsory Core Activity (CCA) for all FSCs
  • Launch of Win Advisors Twitter & Instagram


  • Launch of Win Advisors LinkedIn
  • Introduction of Corporate Solutions Prospecting Activity
  • Official Donor towards the NUS Business School Alumni Association Bursary Fund – Win Advisors Busary


  • Named as the Official Medal Sponsor of Bizad Charity Run 2016
  • Introduced Win Advisors Scholarship in NUS Business School
  • Win Advisors accorded as an Internship Employer under NUS Business School
  • Start of Mega Growth Agency Collaboration amongst Leaders


  • Start of WAR Series (Win Advisors Roadshow)
  • Usage of Pipe Drive as CRM System
  • The launch of Case Competition under VEIN Program
  • Start of Producers League Program for Aspiring Convention Qualifiers


  • Introduction of Power MAP into MAP Modules
  • Start of Dream Projects
  • In-house Roadshow Champion Course