For Individuals

Risk Management
As you go through different life stages, your needs will evolve and we can plan solutions to protect you and your loved ones against the hazards of life. We provide solutions in areas of life, health, medical, disability, home protection and even in areas of Travel, Lifestyle as well as Domestic Help.





Wealth Accumulation

It is important to plan ahead for your children’s education, your own retirement or future business start-up. We have various savings and investment plans to help you achieve your financial goals and secure the lifestyle that you desire for yourself. Our savings plans are available in both S$ and US$ and selected plans can be funded through your CPF Savings.

Retirement Income Plans
Retirement can be one of the best and most enjoyable periods of your life, if you plan ahead. Allow us to provide you with annuity options that coincides with your retirement years and desired lifestyle.

Wealth Management / Legacy Planning
Wealth management and wealth transfer are integral to ensure that your family’s lifestyle will not be compromised by life’s uncertainties. Allow us to offer you our suite of wealth solutions to help you plan an enduring legacy and to share it with the generations to come.

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