Why Become an Advisor?

Financial Advising is not a career that one can “try on”. It is a profession, just like law or medicine, and it requires a professional level of commitment. Like law and medicine, our career requires additional education, specialized training, intense effort and some sacrifice. For this reason, the same level of thought you would put into going medical or law school should go into your decision to pursue a career in financial services.

This is a journey for those who are truly committed. And for those few, the rewards are high. You will experience the 4 “I”s of this career : Impact, Independence, Income and Interaction.

Impact : Financial advising is not about selling. It is about helping others to prepare for the risks we all face and being there when they need it most. In this career, you will literally change the course of people’s lives

Independence : You will have freedom over your practice. You will decide who your clients are and how you spend your time. Becoming an advisor is like going into business for yourself, but without the capital investment required in starting a business. You will also receive extensive support from AIA and Win Advisors.

Interaction : The job of an advisor involves meeting people, establishing relationships, and implementing solutions to help them build a more secure financial future. For someone who desires a people career, the job of a financial advisor will be both interesting and fulfilling.

Income : Advisors invest a great deal of time and effort early in the career. But those who stay the course, the rewards can be high. The compensation scheme for advisors will allow them to build a passive income over time. As your practice grows, you may actually work less, not more. Successful advisors enjoy financial independence early in their lives and a truly balanced lifestyle. Click here to launch the Income Projector.

Do you have what it takes?

It might help to know what traits a high-profile candidate will have. Financial services professionals have identified the following key characteristics of successful advisors :

  • Desire to help others
  • Ability to listen
  • Ability to build strong personal relationships
  • Ability to draw energy and excitement from meeting new people and working in an ever-changing, dynamic work environment

If the above characteristics describe you, then there is a good chance that this may be the right career for you.

Your freedom could start now!

Whether you are looking for a full-time career or wish to start your career while you are a student, we have various schemes for you to explore:

Undergrad Programs
Varsity Entrepreneur Internship (VEIN) is an 8-week summer program offered to undergraduates who are pursuing a full-time degree with a local university. Our interns will get to experience and learn about the financial services career through passing the required licensing examinations and attending our structured training system. Upon completion of the program, our interns will get a more in-depth understanding of the Financial Planning Industry as a rewarding career and have a taste of ‘Real Working Experience’.

In September 2016, our Undergrad Consultant, Marissa Fuad, was featured in The New Paper! To read more …

From 2017, Win Advisors began offering Win Advisors Scholarship Program to NUS students. For more scholarship details, please click here or contact us directly to find out more!

Entrepreneur Scheme
Entrepreneur Power Scheme (EPS) is designed for new entrants who are keen to start a full-time Financial Services Career. This scheme runs for 12 months during which successful applicants are put through a 2-month intensive (3-day week) training program. EPS Consultants enjoy 12 months of fixed monthly allowance upon meeting validation, over and above their earned commissions. Fresh A-Level, Diploma or Degree Holders may also apply for this scheme.

Foreigner Scheme
FOReign Talent Scheme (FORTS) is offered to non-Singaporeans. Potential candidates require a minimum academic requirement of Diploma in any discipline. Successful candidates will have a fixed monthly allowance and 2-month training program.